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Infinity Lighter

Beast Edition *Buy 2 Get 1 FREE*

Beast Edition *Buy 2 Get 1 FREE*

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The Best Lighter Money Can Buy!

It's like holding a lightning bolt

Experience the power of lightning. Our lighters are equipped with dual arc, extra strong plasma tongs & will allow you to light anything on fire! 

Charge Less Use More

Compared to other Electric Lighters, our has a 400% longer battery life! Our lighter will last up to 8 weeks on one charge. It only takes 30 minutes to get a full charge

Stylish, Attractive Feel

Strong stainless steel gives it a light but heavy quality feel.

Powerful Electric Current

This is the most powerful Electric Lighter we have ever created. It can burn through wood, fabric and most other materials.

Impress your friends

Your friends will be awe-struck with the size and power of this beauty. they will all be asking to buy it off you

Save Money On Lighters 

No more buying cheap disposable lighters. Beast Edition will last you a lifetime!

It will never break

Our lighter is made to last! Don't worry about dropping it, breaking it or anything else. Our lighters are designed to last for years on end.

Great for the environment

Infinity Lighter is made to reduce the amount of plastic in landfills and help keep the planet clean and green! 

Saves You Money!

No more wasting money on cheap plastic lighters! This lighter will last you a lifetime!


2 Year Quality Guarantee

We know we have the best Electric Lighters in the world. We stand behind that strongly. Our proven track record gives our lighters a lifetime of over 2 years with the proper care.

We LOVE our customers!

Questions, comments or concerns? Send us an email and we will get back to you fast; Email us at We treat each and every single customer like family!

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