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Croc Lights

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Clearance Sale! Get Your Pair Of Croc Lights For $3 Today Only! 90% Off Today Only!

Light Up The Night With Croc Headlights

 These innovative headlights easily attach to the front of your Crocs and provide bright, reliable illumination for all of your nighttime adventures.


Style Your Crocs!

Whether you're walking the dog, going for a late-night swim, or just need to find your way around in the dark, Croc Headlights have got you covered. With a sleek, waterproof design, these headlights are a must-have for any Crocs fan.


The ultimate accessory for your Crocs footwear!

Built to last! Made with durable aluminum material and a stable clip that prevents them from falling out easily during physical activity. These headlights won't easily fall apart and fit securely in your Crocs' holes. 

*This item does not include/will not be shipped with battery/batteries included. Compatible Battery: CR2032

Whats Included

- Pair Of Croc Lights

- 20% Off Coupon Code

-Thank You Card :)

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    Customer Reviews

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    Hysterical 😱


    Pretty neat product for die hard Croc lovers. Although these still make me laugh, they do serve a practical purpose in lighting the way to let the dog out at night. Light is nice and bright. Easy to use.


    I ordered these as a gift and they work great. They are much brighter than I expected them to be with easy push on and off lights. They have two flashing modes too and are surprisingly weighty as they are made out of metal.


     Need to walk a dog at night? Walking out side on a rainy night? Then you need these! They come wrapped in separate bags, with instructions and an extra post should you need to replace one. Easy to get to the battery just unscrew the light and there’s the battery. Easy to put on, just like the four steps they show and easy to take off if you need to. Need to walk a dog at night, don’t want to step in his earlier poop these lights are for you. Need to run outside one rainy night and don’t want to hit every puddle, theses are the lights for you. They are sturdy and do not move when you are walking. They have three different settings for the lights (as shown in my video).


    Perfect addition to my son’s Crocs. Fit securely and don’t wobble. He loves having the spot lights on! Highly recommend and will get more for birthday gifts for his friends because they have all commented on them.