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Facial Threading Epilator

Facial Threading Epilator

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Threading is an ancient beauty art of hair removal that's originated in Eastern thousands of years ago. It is now becoming popular in many salons that's commonly used to shape and neaten eyebrows and faces. Many also choose threading to remove peach fuzz (vellus hair) to get extra smoothness level of skin, because peach fuzz is notoriously difficult to remove due to its fine texture. It's so fine that most hair removal methods such as laser and waxing don't work.

facial hair removal


In threading, using a thin pure cotton thread doubled and twisted in hands, then rolling over areas of unwanted hair, plucking the hair from the root, which requires skill or a trained cosmetologist or esthetician. But now, our electric threading hair removal device, integrated innovation of modern technology, provides a very easy way for threading facial hair with just one hand at home without any training.

  • Mainly used on entire face include upper lip, chin, sideburns, cheeks, forehead and eyebrows, also used on neck, women arms and legs.
  • We don't recommend green hand to use it on eyebrows as it requires skills to shape eyebrows.
  • Effective and fast to remove very fine vellus hair and peach fuzz to get extra smoothness skin.
  • Better choice for those who have sensitive skin and suffer from breakouts as the 100% natural cotton thread is less irritating skin.
  • CANNOT be used for very thick hair such as men’s leg hair.

epilator for women facial hair

Effective and safe


  • Hair removal at the follicle level, long lasting result
  • Effective and fast to remove very tiny vellus hair
  • 100% natural cotton thread is safer and reduce skin irritation



eyebrow threading kit

Make threading easier


  • Modern technology makes threading much easier, thread with just one hand
  • The light illuminate is convenient for you to see your hairs
  • Cordless, USB rechargeable and portable



eyebrow epilator for women

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