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Impulse Needs

Bloody Bath Mat

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Who Would You Pull A Prank On With Our Bloody Floor Mat?

 The Bloody Mat reacts with water and changes color, changing wet footprints into blood red stains! 

The blood colored mat will slowly disappear within a few minutes, eventually turning the mat into white again.

High quality and amazing product to have fun for the holidays, prank your loved ones/ friends, and a great Holiday gift. Put a Bloody Mat in your bathroom for a holiday scare and laughs!


Whats Included

-Bloody Bath Mat

- 20% Off Coupon Code

-Thank You Card :)

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 25 reviews
    Jaclyn Deckow

    We love it. It does exactly what they say.

    Amelie Collier

    It so cool! But could’ve been thicker like a real bath mat! It’s too thin like paper but it’s cool to see it change colors once it’s wet! Will not buy again! If you’re looking for a real bath mat this may not be it

    Rosetta Kuphal

    I write this from my hotel room right now. So my roommate told me his "Girlfriend" will come over to stay with us again tonight. Last week she locked me out of the house because I quote "oh, sorry, I forgot you still lived here". Last night, she did it again. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice...

    You are probably thinking what does this have to do with bath sheets. Well I bought this product and proceeded to cover Every square inch of our bathroom floor in these sweet looking sheets. They've got a matte finish. It only looks like we just remodeled our flooring but I promise you tonight will be the last time I ever see her again

    Does our bathroom look like someone just got butchered all over the floor? Yes.
    Will she invite herself over to our house again? No.
    Will he threaten to murder me? Sure.
    Will I ever have to worry about being homeless again? No

    Unbelievable value. All the security for less than staying one more night in this sketchy hotel. Cannot recommend enough. Plus, next year's halloween party is gonna be legit freaky. awww yeah

    Rafael Effertz

    Well I bought this because A) it was Halloween and B) my daughter is a horror fiend, so it seemed like something that might be fun.

    Sonia Stroman

    Super fun Halloween rug