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Impulse Needs

Inferno Wallet

Inferno Wallet

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Ever wondered what magicians use? 

ATTENTION: Due to virality on social media, we are experiencing high order volume.

  • Real Fire.
  • Use as a normal wallet.
  • Become the center of attention.

Designed specifically for magicians. Be sure to use this Flash Wallet with severe caution.

I know at some point you have seen a magic trick and have ALWAYSreplayed back to watch and see EXACTLY how they do it, but you can never figure out how.

This wallet ignites REAL FIRE but can also be used as a REAL WALLET, making it easy to fool your friends or random strangers!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Shanna Mitchell
I love ti!

I have always done a little magic just for fun. Anyway, this wallet creates great effect. I pull out the wallet and say something like, "would you like to see a picture of my new girlfriend?" or "my wife is burning a hole in my wallet". When I take it out and open it up and the fire comes out and I close it right away, I say "boy she is really hot!" or I open it again and say, "look, she left me a dollar" and I show them without the flame. Worth the money.

Jamey Bradtke

Works well for a nice surprising effect. Follow the instructions and don't burn too long or you will start melting stuff. It's a gag, not a lighter people. I found a mix of lighter fluid and a little 95%-100% alcohol works best for this.

Hailey Hessel
Easy to set up and use

This was a hit at the Halloween party. Easy to set up and use, but because of the height and intensity of the flames, it is highly recommended the trick be done by an adult. This should not be left where younger kids or teens can find it. There is a real risk for a fire related accident with this. But if you're looking for an easy trick that will "wow" this is it.

Janessa Emmerich
Great product

Too much fun

Nicholas Beer
Works Great!

Just buy the suggested lighter fluid! Easy, simple, fun!

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