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Sunday SKN® | Silky Smooth Lazer Hair Eraser

Sunday SKN® | Silky Smooth Lazer Hair Eraser

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💜 Guarantees to remove unwanted hair

🍑 Gently removes hairs from the root

✨ Painless and Non-abrasive

Get Silky Smooth Skin Without The Hassle!

💗Hair removal has never been so quick and easy. Sunday Skin is designed with you in mind, we know how good it feels when you finally shave your legs after weeks of wearing jeans. Soft smooth skin rubbing against your sheets, it's amazing.

💗Most traditional hair removal methods rely on the razor blade, but this product uses precise micro-oscillation technology to gently remove the desired hair from the skin's surface to give you the closest possible shave without abrasion! 

Why Sunday Skin Is For You!

✓ FAST AND PAIN-FREE - Removing hair on the skin is easy with Sunday Skin. Your skin remains very soft after hair removal. The hair is also removed painlessly.
✓ SAFE AND SOFT - The Sunday Skin is very comfortable to use. The sensa-light technology makes you rethink why you ever used a razor in the first place. 

✓ USE ANYWHERE - Sunday Skin can be used anywhere you want. It can be used all over the body, face, arms and legs and even bikini line and armpits.
✓ DERMATOLOGIST APPROVED - Sunday Skin is dermatologist approved.



The Sunday Skin combines laser technology and high-quality natural ingredients to create a unique hair removal formula that gently removes unwanted hair. Unlike traditional waxing methods, which can be painful and cause micro-tears in the skin, the Sunday Skin is designed to remove hairs from their follicles without damage to the surface of the skin. It also exfoliates the top layers of skin with its unique formulation, revealing baby smooth skin after each use.


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